Identity Management, Mobility & Endpoint

Did you know that wireless devices such as mobile phones, laptops and tablets can compromise corporate network security simply via access? Devices that interface with your digital environment can potentially create entry points for a variety of malicious threats that could disrupt your business operations and threaten the integrity of sensitive information. Is your IT infrastructure capable of shutting down any suspicious net traffic in the event of a breach? Rather than entertain the possibility of an attack, why not implement a solution that stops the issue at the root cause?

At GA Systems we recommend endpoint protection – a data loss prevention strategy that secures all entry points opened by external devices.

This security countermeasure is designed to complement similar services like IT intrusion detection systems and web application firewalls.

IBM® MaaS360® Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM)

Secure and manage mobile fast.  Enterprise mobility that allows users to work effortlessly, collaborate often, and engage customers is the gold standard. But often, security takes a back seat to productivity.  IBM® MaaS360® Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) combines device, app and content management with strong security to simplify how you go mobile. You can monitor for threats and automate compliance to maximize security without compromising the user experience.

IBM BigFix

BigFix can secure all of your endpoints from laptops, desktops and servers to point-of-sale devices, ATMs and kiosks. It allows you to continuously monitor each endpoint for potential threats and enforce compliance with security, regulatory and operational policies. It even works in remote locations with low or no bandwidth.


ForeScout CounterACT is an automated security control platform that delivers real-time visibility and control of all devices on your network. This system automatically identifies who and what is on your network, controls access and measures compliance with your security policies, blocks network threats and remediates endpoint security violations when they occur.


Okta is the foundation for secure connections between people and technology. Okta’s products uniquely use identity information to grant people access to applications on any device at any time, while still enforcing strong security protections. Our platform securely connects companies to their customers and partners. Today, thousands of organizations trust Okta to help them fulfil their missions as quickly as possible.

We’ve created an integrated system that securely connects any person via any device to the technologies they need to do their most significant work.

Are Your Endpoints Secure?

GA Systems can find the right combination of products and services to protect your corporate network. Contact our team for more information.

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