In today’s business environment one of the biggest security threats that companies face is cyber crime. Initially regarded as unique to certain high profile service providers, many commercial entities were slow to respond to this new and unknown threat. Historically this meant that it was difficult to get cyber security budgets approved, while self managed solutions are often complex and costly for many organisations. Add to this the need for trained specialists to manage and service the security system and you have a perfect case for handing such a task over to experienced professionals such as GA Systems.


On a positive note, perceptions are starting to change and companies are now actively allocating significant budgets towards cyber security. In an area that is still relatively young, acquiring the right personnel for this task can be challenging and when it’s your organisations and customer’s security at stake, only the best will do.


Benefits of Managed Security Systems

Managed security systems are comprehensive cyber security services handled by specialists in the field. For example, GA Systems offers cloud-based data solutions that can provide a range of benefits for medium and large organisations. The benefits of managed security systems include:


  • Improved Data Security: Your data is stored in state of the art IBM data centres designed with security in mind
  • 24/7 monitoring: Your systems and data are monitored round the clock with any issues reported to organisations through alerting systems with robust escalation levels.
  • Detailed Access: Although your security systems are managed remotely, you get access to security collection devices that allow for monitoring operations.
  • Specialist Problem Resolution: In the unlikely event that issues arise, problem resolution and remediation is undertaken by experienced specialists.
  • Additional Cloud-Based services: For cloud based managed security systems, your organisation will also get the benefit of additional services in areas such as IPS, mobile and endpoint.
  • Cost Effectiveness: Cyber security providers such as GA Systems have the resources to cater to the requirements of organisations of all sizes. Cloud based security systems offer further flexibility for increasing or reducing storage. All in all, the cost of managed security solutions will prove to be cost effective while offering better results across the board in comparison to self-managed systems.


To conclude, we see that the benefits of managed security systems make for a strongly viable solution to cyber security for medium to large organisations. In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, it makes sense to entrust your data to proven specialists who are better equipped to deal with today’s unpredictable cyber environment.