Why You Need Managed Security Services

Cyber crime is one of the most significant threats to business and commercial operations across the globe. Not only is the rate of cyber crime incidents spiking, but attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Gone are the days when viruses and malware were easy to spot–there’s a whole range of cyber weapons now. And more often than not, by the time you identify a breach, it’s too late to stop it.

While companies were initially slow to respond to the severity of the issue when cyber crime first hit the headlines many years ago, the global community now appreciates how critical the situation is–and how everyone must allocate sufficient funds to their IT and security budget. Businesses now see that this is an investment rather than just a cost.

Luckily, it’s not all doom and gloom. With the right approach to your cyber security, you can help protect your company from the devastating effects of cyber crime and data breaches. You can protect your business assets and reduce costs at the same time. At GA Systems, we specialise in Managed Security Solutions and Services. We provide a comprehensive, systematic approach to handling our client’s security needs. However, what are Managed Security Services, and why do you need them?

Below, we lay out exactly what we can offer you, and why you need our help to protect your corporate infrastructure from cyber crime.

How cyber crime is affecting the economy

In Australia, cyber crime is now a common way for criminals to steal sensitive information and disrupt business activity. It’s estimated that over 74% of the world’s businesses will suffer a hacking attempt this coming year, and by 2020, global economic loss resulting from cyber crime will reach $3 trillion.

Australian businesses cannot afford to ignore this emerging global reality, and it’s imperative that you take steps to protect your business from:

  • Financial loss resulting from stolen or corrupted data;
  • Loss of reputation, credibility and business trade;
  • Penalties; and
  • The excessive costs of securing a breached system.

What are managed security services?

Put simply, managed security services (or managed security solutions) are a means of managing and monitoring a company’s security processes.

The reality is, most medium-sized enterprises simply do not have the resources to adequately secure their IT systems and protect sensitive data. Managed security service providers such as GA Systems reduce the burden of managing cyber security procedures and offer crucial guidance on how to spot and handle issues.

Why you might choose to work with a managed security solution provider

There are many reasons that you may wish to outsource your cyber security to a service provider like ourselves. The main reasons are typically because:

  • You lack the expertise to identify and manage increasingly complex security threats;
  • You don’t have the resources to manage your cyber security in house;
  • You’re unsure how to stay compliant with ever-changing data protection and cyber security regulations;
  • Your business requires support outside of normal business hours; or
  • You’ve experienced cyber crime in the past and you need to take steps to protect your business.

At GA Systems, our experienced specialists are dedicated to staying one step ahead of cyber criminals, and we continually seek ways to improve corporate cyber security for the benefit of our clients.

Benefits of managed security services and solutions

There are very clear benefits associated with outsourcing your cyber security as opposed to handling this complex area internally.

Maximise efficiency and reduce costs

Engaging specialists such as GA Systems is far more economically efficient than building an entire cyber security team in house. Managed Security Services Providers streamline your costs and allow you to divert your internal resources where they are best utilised.

Quicker resolution

Services Providers aren’t constrained by business processes, and we can act immediately to resolve security incidents.

Proactive and protective monitoring

At GA Systems, we don’t just act on system breaches and attacks. We take steps to prevent them from happening in the first place. Managed Security Solutions Providers use cutting-edge technology to identify threats before they infiltrate IT infrastructure. This enables businesses to remain compliant with regulations and evolving IT legislation.

Guidance and expertise

Managed Security Services Providers help ensure relevant personnel fully understand how to use cyber security programs in-house. They’re on hand to offer strategies and knowledge when necessary.

Automated risk management

A Managed Security Solutions Provider such as GA Systems is constantly monitoring your internal and external security control points.  You don’t need to wait for a threat to become obvious–steps are taken by your provider to prevent them before they happen.

Why you need GA Systems

When it comes to cyber security, you want to invest in a reliable Managed Security Solutions Provider. That’s where GA Systems comes in. We go above and beyond to ensure your systems are monitored consistently, and that anomalies are identified immediately. From us, you can expect:

  • A 24/7 service, where issues are reported and escalated instantly for your peace of mind;
  • Australian based ISO 27002 Cloud Services, so you can be confident that your business data is in the best possible hands;
  • Robust end-point protection to secure all devices connected to your network;
  • Ongoing support and staff training when required;
  • Comprehensive access to the systems monitoring your business activity;
  • Industry specialists on hand to resolve issues in the unlikely event that they occur;
  • Cloud-based services (where relevant to your business), for the most comprehensive coverage available on the market; and
  • Scalable security offerings, meaning flexible downsizing and up-sizing when required.

Our team is fully certified across various IT sectors and are subject matter experts within their disciplines. Together, we form one of the most reliable and knowledgeable Managed Security Solutions Providers in Australia.

At GA Systems, we see cyber security protection as one of the most critical components of the modern corporate environment. Contact us now to see how we can help you.