How to Build Cyber Security Responsibility with your Employees

Cyber security is a priority for businesses across Australia and New Zealand, particularly since cyber attacks and intrusions are a growing problem. What’s particularly worrying about cyber integrity, however, is how often human error causes security breaches. Statistics show that employee mistakes cause the most cyber security incidents.

So, how do you reduce the risk of employees accidentally exposing your business to cyber security vulnerabilities? By promoting responsibility and a security culture in the workplace. Here are some tips for building employee cyber security.

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Why a security culture is important

Statistics show that Australian businesses are among the most vulnerable organisations in the world when it comes to cyber security threats. Additionally, employees with authorised access rights to confidential company information are a typical source of data breaches.

It’s crucial, then, that customers see you taking vulnerability management and data protection seriously. How do you do this? By promoting a security culture from executive level downwards.

Empowered employees are responsible employees. By encouraging employees to take responsibility for cyber security and vulnerability management, you ensure they feel like an integral part of your enterprise operations. It’s logical to say that engaged and motivated employees are more likely to protect your business and raise cyber security concerns as they arise.

Develop a comprehensive cyber security policy

Provide all personnel with a detailed cyber security manual explaining what your policy is and how employees can help keep the company safe. Update the policy at regular intervals to reflect evolving threats and any incidents that occur. It’s useful to revise the policy whenever you purchase new equipment.

Keep your security policy somewhere easily accessible, and make sure employees know where their responsibilities lie. Alert staff immediately when the policy changes.

Offer cyber security training

Trained staff are competent staff. All employees should understand the most common threats affecting your business and how to detect these intrusions before they cause damage.

Train staff at regular intervals and encourage them to raise any concerns they may have.

Ensure staff understand their responsibilities

It’s not enough to offer cyber security training, although it’s a great start. Employees must understand the potential threats the business faces. Moreover, your employees should understand their specific responsibilities, depending upon their access level and privileges.

Staff should never misuse company property or divulge confidential information. There should be clear procedures for handling equipment misuse and negligence.

Delegate the responsibility for overseeing cyber security concerns to a particular staff member or team. This way, everyone in the office knows who to report to with their concerns.

Manage system vulnerabilities

It’s on you as the business leader to ensure that cyber security solutions, such as vulnerability management, data protection, enterprise firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, and CASB, are up-to-date, sufficient, and reliable. Employees must be trained to use these systems so they are responsible for their own conduct.

As cyber attacks and phishing scams evolve constantly, it’s a good idea to source outside help for your security concerns.

Get help from a managed security solutions provider

Managed security services teams have the skills and resources to protect your business from even the most advanced security threats.

What’s more, these IT specialists train your staff to spot threats ranging from phishing scams to malware.


As a business owner, it’s vital that you empower employees to protect your organisation from the ever-growing threat of cyber attack. The good news is that managed cyber security providers for cloud, hybrid, and on-prem have the tools to help you strengthen your enterprise security.

For more advice on how to improve cyber security among employees, contact GA Systems managed cyber security services today.