Security is critical, but in Australia & New Zealand spending is low

Once upon a time, data breaches and cyber security breaches were the concerns of a company’s IT department alone. However, cybercrime is now one of the most talked-about topics in the business world across Australia and New Zealand, even if only a third of businesses are properly prepared for cyber attacks. Although spending on security..

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Cyber security attacks continue unabated

Cyber security attacks and intrusions are on the rise all across Australia and New Zealand, according to leading reports. Although businesses across the Asia Pacific region are aware of the risks and the importance of cyber security and intrusion prevention, many companies are still failing to adequately protect their business infrastructure and data from breaches…

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What is Australian Data Sovereignty

Australian data sovereignty, or data residency, is a concept that is still often misunderstood by businesses, managers, and the general public alike. However, it’s important for businesses to understand how their data is stored, who owns it, and how it moves–particularly now that cloud-based data applications are increasingly popular. Below, we look at what data..

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The Benefits of Using Managed Security Solutions

Why You Need Managed Security Services Cyber crime is one of the most significant threats to business and commercial operations across the globe. Not only is the rate of cyber crime incidents spiking, but attacks are becoming increasingly more sophisticated. Gone are the days when viruses and malware were easy to spot–there’s a whole range..

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CISO insights on moving from compliance to risk-based cybersecurity programs

Cyber crime and cyber attacks are immediate threats to organisations of any size. Managing it is now a C-suite priority, as businesses grow increasingly aware of the damage breaches can have on both their ROI and their reputation (for example, the recent British Airways data breach crisis). Businesses recognise how vital it is to guarantee an..

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How Is SIEM Typically Used?

SIEM, or security information and event management software, is a product you can’t afford to ignore if you’re serious about maintaining robust cyber security. Far more than a simple incident logging program, this management software aggregates data and highlights activity which is unlike typical system processing. SIEM is intelligent and proactive, and provides businesses with..

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unified mobility management

How Unified Mobility Management Can Be Utilised

In an increasingly connected age, you don’t need to chain your company workforce to the office. Now that wireless communication is commonplace, and the demand for remote working is on the rise, we’re in a mobile corporate world. From cloud-based programs to portable devices, businesses have shifted away from a traditionally rigid office model–and they..

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database security

What Is Database Security And Why Is It Important?

Database security, and data protection, are stringently regulated. Although the law struggles to keep up with the constant changes of an evolving digital world, there are regulations in force which demand certain standards from any business with an online component. Users across the globe expect their privacy to be taken seriously and modern commerce must..

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Application Security Scanning

The Importance of Application Security Scanning

In the modern digital world, simply going online can expose us to a number of harmful cyber threats. Whether we’re inputting credit card data or confirming our identity, we’re often at risk of intrusion. Similarly, mobile apps developed without robust security in mind risk exposing users to vulnerabilities which can cause varying levels of damage…

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GA Systems Win Brisbane City Council SIEM & Managed Security Service Contracts

Brisbane City Council selects specialist security & managed provider Global Asset Systems for both 3 year SIEM & Managed Security Service contracts Brisbane City Council awarded the significant multi-year contracts naming the GA Systems (Global Asset Systems) as its preferred tenderer after the lengthy evaluation of multiple submissions. As a core element of the Council’s..

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