An important part of developing applications is ensuring that both the end user and service provider’s data is secure. In today’s online environment simply going on the internet can expose us to a variety of cyber threats if a site’s encryption is weak. Likewise mobile apps that are developed without security in mind risk exposing users to vulnerabilities that can cause varying levels of damage. This is why application security scanning is of huge importance, as it plays a crucial role in the detection and resolution of any issues.


In a rapidly evolving cyber landscape, such a robust approach is now requisite in terms of application security.


Benefits of Application Security Scanning

Most developers will understand the importance of application security scans because of their role in helping providers create secure platforms for their customers. Vulnerability scanning can help app developers detect a variety of potential threats and weaknesses which can then be addressed during the development or enhancement processes. There are two categories of tests; external scans that report what your users can see, and internal tests that mimic potential attacks, both giving you a clear picture of your app’s current security status and what’s required to keep it secure.


In addition to the above, application security scanning provides a range of benefits, including savings on company resources and the convenience of periodic scans that run automatically. Another benefit is the accuracy the information reports provide as this helps organisations to target their efforts on particular issues immediately. Developers and service providers can then easily work to resolve any vulnerabilities before users are affected or data is compromised.


In some cases security scanning is a compliance related requirement but the points above show not only how important the task is, but the benefits it affords anyone developing applications.


The Importance of Security Scanning

When considering the benefits of the data provided by a security scan, the importance of having such knowledge is amplified by the rise in cyber threats in recent years. In such a climate a pro-active approach is required to keep defences robust and user data safe. Service providers and developers that undertake regular application security scanning are forearmed and better equipped to deal with modern cyber threats.


For application providers who are serious about providing safe, secure and uninterrupted services the importance of security scanning cannot be underestimated. With that in mind, this means that the process should always be regarded as part and parcel of the development and maintenance process in order to stay one step ahead of attackers.