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Modern innovations in accessing and sharing data has changed how big business communicate internally and externally. This digital age, however, comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages in terms of convenience versus security. New threats emerge every day and it is a persistent challenge to manage unauthorised access attempts and data loss prevention.

Corporations share data with employees, stakeholders and third parties via personal computers, mobile phones, handheld tablets and similar devices. This data could be anything from sensitive financial information to an email regarding an imminent fridge clean. Regardless of how innocent your digital correspondence may be, IT administrators should always be vigilant and prepared to lockdown their network.

Malicious hackers are keen to exploit any opportunity to gain access to valuable information—so do not let them. GA Systems provide data loss prevention strategies and products that can fortify your operations against security breaches, cyber-attacks, business interruption and more.

Penetration Testing

IT security packages can help administrators strengthen key aspects of a specific network. There may be circumstances where you either do not want to commit to a costly solution or are not sure what your network would benefit from the most. You want value for your money and want to see results. In this situation GA Systems can engage in ethical hacking to confirm your security flaws.

To find those security holes in your digital infrastructure we offer rigorous penetration testing services. To do this we isolate application and system vulnerabilities and then recommend a treatment plan that addresses factors such as user privilege access and improper configurations. Let us help you prioritise your action plan.

Integrated Security Software and More

GA Systems offer IT security education and a host of beneficial services. Call us today to learn more.

Security Intelligence Platforms

IT infrastructure can vary depending on a client’s software and objectives. We consult, design, implement and manage technologies that features SIEM.

Data Loss Prevention

IT administrators should enforce IT policies. Consider your current methods of locking down the network to restrict confidential data from being distributed.

IT Intrusion Detection Systems

IT intrusion detection systems grant security users and administrators with the visibility they need to monitor network activity and external threats.

Endpoint Protection

Digital devices can potentially create entry points for a variety of malicious threats that could disrupt your business operations and information.

Risk & Compliance

Our team of engineers can evaluate your business challenges and aspirations to determine which services would best accommodate your needs.

Integrated Security Software

We can assess your entire network, identify opportunities and implement modern technology solutions to thwart new threat.

NextGen & Web Application Firewall

NextGen and web application firewalls monitors the network and can be configured to enforce strict policies.

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