What is the role of Data Protection?

Your business data represents your intellectual capital, competitive differentiator and the lifeblood of your organisation. GA Systems offers data security and protection that empower security teams to automatically analyse what is happening across the data environment.

  • Analyse your data risk
  • Shield sensitive data from external and internal actors
  • Rapidly adapt to changes in your environment

Why GA Systems Leverages the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders

The endorsement by Gartner as a leader in its Enterprise DLP Magic Quadrant provides the surety of global analyst validation of our chosen vendors capability.  GA Systems chooses to partner with the leading Magic Quadrant vendors to support the robust security immune system that is delivered to GA Systems customers.

Digital Guardian – An Introduction

Protect Your IP:

Digital Guardian delivers the industry’s most complete IP protection; it’s why Digital Guardian are once again ranked #1 for IP protection by Gartner. Powerful data classification capabilities allow businesses to define IP on their terms and apply security controls to keep it safe before it leaves.

Enterprise DLP for Office 365, SharePoint & OneDrive:

Digital Guardian picks up where Microsoft leaves off for the security, analytics, and enterprise-wide visibility your organization requires. Where the controls for Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive focus solely on the cloud, Digital Guardian extends them to include coverage for you’re on premise data and can prevent sensitive data from getting to the cloud in the first place.

Insider Threat Protection:

Digital Guardian’s threat aware data protection understands your data, how it moves, and when it is at risk from insiders. Our deep visibility locates and protects data throughout your enterprise and into the cloud. Real-time analytics understand what insider behaviours or actions represent risks, automated data classification highlights risky behaviour targeting the most sensitive asset. Flexible, and automated controls allow benign actions but prompt at or block risky behaviour. All these combine to deliver the protection you need from insiders who may pose a risk to your security and compliance.

Forcepoint – An Introduction


Dynamic Data Protection:

Dynamic Data Protection surfaces anomalies, and proactively adjusts individualized security controls in near real-time to protect your data. Automatically enforce policies with graduated response. Allow behaviours for low-risk individuals and take stronger action as risk levels are elevated. Reduce manual decision-making and overall alert volume.

Analytics-driven forensics:

Unify discovery, analysis, and enforcement, improving investigation efficacy and drastically reducing the rate of occurrence. Utilizing the baseline of normalized behaviour, uncover abnormal internal/external data access and file movement that matches a compromised credential event. Automate manual processes, transitioning from broadly applied policies to ones at an individual level, unifying enforcement. View a narrative that provides context such as detailed timeline events, resulting in more efficient investigation practices. Detect precursor behaviours and potential high-impact incidents before they occur, preventing data loss.


IBM Guardium – An Introduction

Guardium Data Protection for Databases:

Provides automated sensitive data discovery and classification, real-time data activity monitoring and cognitive analytics to discover unusual activity around sensitive data. It protects against unauthorized data access by learning regular user access patterns and can provide real-time alerts on suspicious activities. It can dynamically block access or quarantine user IDs to protect against internal and external threats and also helps streamline and automate compliance workflows. The product is built on a scalable architecture that provides full visibility on data activity across all major databases.

Guardium Data Protection for Files:

This solution provides automated discovery and classification of unstructured data in files and file systems including NAS, SharePoint, Windows, and Unix to help organizations better understand their unstructured data risks. It can also help the right users have the right access to the right unstructured data. Data Protection for Files supports file activity monitoring capabilities across files and file systems, with cognitive analytics detecting unusual activity around sensitive data. Continuous monitoring and real-time security and protection policies protect unstructured data across the enterprise.

GA Systems Managed Service provides:

Around-the-clock security monitoring and reporting

Security analysts identifying threats & providing rapid response

Improved security and compliance management

Through threat assessment and expert analysis

Flexible design

The managed service for your enterprise

Alignment of operating processes

To your enterprise using industry best practices and standards

Opex Vs. Capex

Move away from large capital expenditures to a model based on operating costs