Identity Management, Mobility & Endpoint

What is the role of Identity Management?

Your identity and access management program needs to make way for business, not stand in its way. The challenge of ensuring that the right people have the right access and discreetly verifying a user’s identity when they log in and throughout their session, will enable you to make smarter, better informed decisions, to modify users’ access, having uncovered outliers and toxic combinations of entitlements.

Traditional security won’t reveal low and slow lateral movement of advanced persistent threats across systems. The open-door access from mobile, shadow IT and increasingly sophisticated scams enables attackers to exploit unknowing authorised users to reveal enterprise credentials.

Why GA Systems Leverages the Gartner Magic Quadrant Leaders

The endorsement by Gartner as the leaders in their respective Magic Quadrants, provides the surety of global analyst validation of our chosen vendors capability.  GA Systems chooses to partner with the leading Magic Quadrant vendors to support the robust security immune system that is delivered to GA Systems customers.

IBM® IDAM – An Introduction

IBM® believes that security is best when it’s silent – working behind the scenes to provide seamless access, and only intervening when something is wrong. A strong security posture and a positive digital experience do not have to be mutually exclusive. You achieve both with IBM IAM, silent security goes to work for you and your customers.

Microsoft Azure® – Identity Management and Multi-Factor

Microsoft, with the introduction of Office 365 and its Azure platform leverages your traditional Active Directory functions and applies it to a cloud delivery service. With this, your Identity management strategy can mirror your directory functions at both an internal and external level and integrates with numerous different cloud application vendors.

Microsoft extends this by also providing multi-factor authentication options to your IDAM strategy to build stronger Privileged Access for trusted users.

What is the role of Endpoint Management?

The endpoint landscape changes constantly.  IT infrastructure and security specialists struggle to access current information on operating systems, software versions, application usage and compliance drift on every PC, server, ATM or point-of-sale system across the enterprise. Without effective discovery, deployment and enforcement, the likelihood of a successful endpoint attack grows exponentially. If you can’t see it, you can’t fix it.

Cisco® Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) for Endpoints – An Introduction

AMP for Endpoints integrates prevention, detection, and response capabilities in a single solution, leveraging the power of cloud-based analytics. AMP for Endpoints will protect your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices through a public or private cloud deployment.

In the rapidly evolving world of malware, threats are becoming harder and harder to detect. The most advanced 1% of these threats, those that will eventually enter and wreak havoc in your network, could potentially go undetected. However, AMP for Endpoints provides comprehensive protection against that 1%. This security software prevents breaches, blocks malware at the point of entry, and continuously monitors and analyzes file and process activity to rapidly detect, contain, and remediate threats that can evade front-line defenses.

IBM® Endpoint- An Introduction

BigFix can secure endpoints from laptops, desktops and servers to point-of-sale devices, ATMs and kiosks. It allows you to continuously monitor each endpoint for potential threats and enforce compliance with security, regulatory and operational policies. It even works in remote locations with low or no bandwidth.

Secure and manage mobile fast.  Enterprise mobility that allows users to work effortlessly, collaborate often, and engage customers is the gold standard. But often, security takes a back seat to productivity.  IBM® MaaS360® Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) combines device, app and content management with strong security to simplify how you go mobile. You can monitor for threats and automate compliance to maximize security without compromising the user experience.