Why should I implement a security network intrusion prevention system?

At GA Systems we encourage a proactive approach to network security. We understand that business-critical assets such as servers and routers can be vulnerable targets for malicious attacks, which is why you need to fortify the digital perimeter and pay close attention to what is happening within the network itself. With our range of cloud, hybrid and managed services solutions for network based intrusion prevention systems, you can feel confident knowing that your network is safe and secure against potential threats.

Cloud, Hybrid and Managed network based intrusion prevention and detection systems

Intrusion detection systems software grants security users and administrators with the visibility they need to monitor network activity, track external threats and analyse user conduct.

By investigating suspicious net traffic, you can develop a picture of where the holes are throughout the network and then attempt to adapt your other strategies to combat the constantly changing conditions.

Circumvent loopholes by enforcing updated policies, revoking access to compromised user accounts, reconfiguring firewalls and more. Use these applications to learn more about the operational environment and find new, effective ways to strengthen your protection strategies.

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