SAP® to SIEM A-SAP! with agileSI™

The benefit of a symbiosis between SAP® and SIEM is immense and it offers a wide variety of possibly useful combinations. Web based interfaces included in SIEM solutions offer insight into the SAP® landscape for stakeholders beyond the actual SAP® or security departments. Among IT management, auditors, revisers and SAP® base administrators the analysts in the System Operation Center (SOC) profit most from this integration: Attacks on SAP® systems can now be identified and countered immediately.

agileSI™ fully integrates SAP® compliance and security-relevant information into the central monitoring. Once in SIEM, agileSI™ Security Intelligence for SIEM helps to interpret SAP® information as “just any other log source” for monitoring in SIEM.

AgileSI to SIEM

CISOs profit from enhanced transparency and compliance checks as well as automated reporting and real time monitoring. Security engineers in the SOC get extracted raw data to correlate and build use cases upon as they see it. SAP® specialists gain the opportunity to monitor data and processes, while massively saving time on the security aspect.