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Security Information Event Management software (SIEM) is a management tool that enables security, networking and operations administrators and managers to have a complete and accurate real-time view on all of the activities that are happening in and out of the network. It does this by collecting log data from servers, applications, networking and security infrastructure and correlating these logs into meaningful information as it relates to the organisation.

You can report security threats and use correlated data to determine which systems will be impacted as well as estimate server downtime while maintaining ongoing privacy compliance and audit tasks.

The benefits of investing in security incident and event management software solutions

  • Real-time threat detection via log analysis
  • Quick forensics—retrieve log data from any device for any period
  • Single graphic user interface dashboard with a uniform format of reporting logs and events from multiple devices
  • Correlate events from logs generated by multiple network devices and report only if there were real network breaches of high priority (reduce number of false positives and save administrator time)
  • Root cause investigation
  • Unauthorised access alerts

Leading edge management solutions

IT infrastructure can vary depending on a client’s software and objectives. We consult, design, implement and manage the following technologies that features the benefits of this security incident and event management software:

IBM Q-Radar

Q-Radar is another leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant that is taking integrated security software and SIEM benefits to the next level. Q-Radar integrates all key components of data intelligence into a single platform that automatically provides a complete security insight into your infrastructure.

The solution incorporates traditional SIEM, net flow information, log management, anomaly detection, configuration and vulnerability management into a unified solution that can be managed from a single dashboard. Q-Radar does not typically rely on agents on the servers and infrastructure to start collecting data. The result is that it can be rolled out quickly and efficiently without significant impact on existing infrastructure and change management.

IBM has also incorporated its X-Force intelligence and research team to ensure that when new threats and vulnerabilities are identified, you have a strong, proven and detailed understanding of all the threats that may occur in your environment.

For administrators and IT consultants who are looking for thorough visibility that incorporates SIEM, net flow and vulnerability management, IBM Q-Radar is a strong solution.

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