SOAR, SIEM & UEBA with Securonix

Unlock the power of cognitive security to uncover new insights and rapidly respond to threats.

The volume of security incidents and available threat data far exceed the capacity of even the most skilled security professional.

Enter Securonix for Cyber Security. The Securonix platform delivers analytics driven SIEM, SOAR, and NTA, with UEBA at its core, as a pure cloud solution without compromise. With a focus on outputs, Securonix manages the SIEM so you can focus on responding to threats. Machine learning, and threat modelling verification, including the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, automates alert handling and speeds up threat detection, validation, and response.

Securonix Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) helps security operations teams improve their incident response times by providing automation that adds context and suggesting playbooks and next steps to guide analysts. SOAR optimizes orchestration by streamlining incident response with built-in case management, integrations covering over 275 applications, and seamless access to your SIEM, UEBA, and network detection and response (NDR) solutions in a single pane of glass.

Securonix User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) leverages patented machine learning and behavior analytics to analyze and correlate interactions between users, systems, applications, IP addresses, and data. It learns what normal behavior patterns are and creates baselines in order to identify outliers. Built-in link analysis, automated response playbooks, and case management workflows allow you to investigate and respond to threats quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

Key Features

Built-In Playbook Actions: Securonix SOAR provides automated incident orchestration and response with 275+ connectors and 3000+ playbook actions.

Machine Learning: Securonix SOAR uses machine learning to learn from senior analysts so that it can make recommendations on next steps to take during incident response and even automate future response actions.

Comply with Global Compliance: Robust role-based access controls mean that different user groups will only see the data they are entitled to. Data masking protects an individual’s data and privacy and prevents users from accessing sensitive data unless they have a specific need to.