Cyber Security Services

From strategic advisory consulting, incident response, design and deploy services to cloud and managed security services, GA Systems has the expertise to help you stay ahead of cyber criminals. Our security services enable you to activate global intelligence, innovate without introducing risk, and mature your security posture over time.

Data Protection

As the sophistication and cost of data breaches continue to rise, data protection services have become all the more critical. Beyond meeting compliance requirements, you also need to protect critical data from unauthorised access. These challenges become even more daunting if you have to compete for scarce security talent.  Guardium® data protection services provide the security talent you need. Managed security services can help you address these challenges while maintaining operational integrity.

Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities in your IT systems can allow attackers to gain unauthorised access and compromise your data. But constantly checking your entire IT infrastructure for weaknesses is a huge, costly and challenging task for any company to tackle alone. GA Systems vulnerability management cloud-based services scan your internal and external network infrastructure to identify and classify vulnerabilities and offer steps to remediate threats.

Intrusion Protection

Intrusion detection and prevention system management is designed to provide robust, real-time security monitoring, management and analysis of networks and servers. A simplified, flat-pricing model helps reduce risk and management complexity at a reduced cost over typical traditional solutions.

Identity & Access Management

A strong security posture and a positive digital experience do not have to be mutually exclusive. You achieve both with GA Systems. Regulations come and go. It was SOX yesterday, GDPR and PSD2 today, and it will be something else tomorrow. With GA Systems IAM services, you’ll know what’s real when it comes to users and their entitlements, establishing trust across the organization. You’ll be able to centrally manage access certifications, on and off boarding, and separation of duties violations—so you’re prepared to meet new regulations when they come up.


Support an improved security posture with customised, more robust managed firewall protection for less.  You want to innovate with cloud, analytics, mobility and social business, but you can’t tell people to leave their own devices behind because of heightened security concerns.

Firewall management features a flat-pricing model that can reduce costs and risk while helping you better manage regulatory compliance and meet the demands of a highly instrumented world.

Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)

If your business uses cloud services, whether for storage, collaboration, analysis, or business workflow, and you don’t use a cloud access security broker, you could be introducing multiple vulnerabilities to your network. A CASB acts as a layer of security that stands between your network and the cloud, allowing for the safe passage of data between the two. In addition to reducing the number of malicious threats and loss of data that can occur as a result of cloud use, a CASB can help maintain your current vulnerability management policies. Unlike rudimentary block and access techniques, it will allow you to refine who can use clouds in various manners on a broad range of devices.