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The world of IT security and cyber security is constantly changing. One day you may be protected, yet the next you are completely exposed. But that is only the beginning. Often the signs of an attack or potential issue are clearly evident days or even weeks beforehand, but your operations and security are focused on keeping everything going rather than measuring and mitigating the risk.

GA Systems managed security services can provide a holistic view of your business environment, no matter how simple or complex it is. Our range of solutions can protect nearly every way your organisation interacts with staff, partners, customers and information – across premise, cloud, hybrid and mobile. These multi-layered visibility and reconnaissance systems can help secure your environment, whether you use our infrastructure or we manage yours. As an industry leader helping medium to large businesses throughout Australia protect and defend their IT systems, our solutions give you operation security whilst reducing costs.

How we can help your business protect itself

At GA Systems, we specialise in managed IT services that help businesses defend themselves against internal and external threats by quickly and accurately identifying risks and providing a fast and effective response. We also assess the vulnerabilities of your system so we can then give advice as to what defence measures you should put in place. As your managed service provider, we offer comprehensive, end to end visibility of your operations, ensuring that every dollar you put towards the security of your company is used wisely.

This is done by providing a 360-degree view of the risks that are identifiable across your network and ours, allowing us to monitor them 25/7 across multiple layers and devices. That combined with our intelligence recon systems, global security threat feeds, vulnerability scanning and daily threat management reporting, we can measure and provide advanced Security Management for your business.

Our Managed IT services secure your network from end to end

We offer a wide range of managed services, including…

Monitoring and Alerting

Utilise GA Systems recon services to know your potential threats and alert you on imminent threats.

Investigation and RCA (Root Cause Analysis)

Deep dive into a breach and know why it occurred and how to prevent it from occurring in the future.

Managed Security

Management of your security systems and ongoing policies via our specialist team.

Consulting and Advisory

Gain independent advice from leading consultants on your security posture. Know the right product to choose for your next security project.

Transformation Delivery

Use GA Systems engineering and implementation expertise to deliver your new security project within time and budget.

Audit and Forensics

Reconstruct a breach from end to end to ensure you mitigate the compliance or legal exposure.

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