Security Operations as a Service

Your organisation’s security requirements are unique, and therefore your managed service commences with a detailed analysis of your requirements and the use cases you wish to adopt, what security issues are important for your organisation. Your onboarding plan is prepared and agreed.

Once onboarded, your organisation will have its portal to the industry leading SIEM platform QRadar, fully hosted in our Australian data centres.  Data sovereignty is assured with no data leaving Australian shores for any reason.

GA Systems 24 x 7 Security Operations Centre, with continuous advanced threat hunting & root cause investigation, our “eyes on screen” analysts help you better respond to security threats and more effectively remediate risks. With around-the- clock monitoring and alerts, GA Systems can more efficiently investigate and escalate incidents, triage security attacks and deliver threat assessments to help improve overall security and compliance management.

Your portal access to QRadar provides your staff with their own security intelligence platform to investigate, report & learn.  They will see incidents & events occurring and being responded to by the GA Systems Security Operations Centre team in real time.

GA Systems 24 x 7 Managed Security provides exceptional service levels backed by the industry’s leading SIEM, QRadar.

Why the Platform Matters
All SIEM's Are Not Created Equal

The nucleus of GA Systems service is the industry leading QRadar Security Intelligence and Analytics platform.


QRadar accelerates our SOC response cycle to our customers.

Accelerated Analysis

Automatically supports investigation of incidents and anomalies to identify likely threats, providing insights from millions of external sources and local data mining.

Intelligent Investigation

Augmenting our SOC analysts ability to build relationships among discovered threat entities and get visibility into higher priority risks, critical systems impacted, insider threats.

Faster Response

Actionable information to make root cause remediation decisions.