SIEM, or security information and event management software, is a product you can’t afford to ignore if you’re serious about maintaining robust cyber security. Far more than a simple incident logging program, this management software aggregates data and highlights activity which is unlike typical system processing. SIEM is intelligent and proactive, and provides businesses with a real-time overview of its IT integrity and security. This previously unprecedented access gives your IT team the information they need to catch threats as they arise and stop them in their tracks.

Why Use SIEM?

SIEM systems are particularly useful in today’s economic climate, where expert cyber security employees can be difficult to hire and hold on to. Skilled IT specialists are invaluable, but they’re only as helpful as the programs and insight they have access to. They can’t help you if they don’t know what’s happening inside your infrastructure. Without the right resources, even the most skilled specialist will find it difficult to monitor every process taking place across the network–especially in larger businesses with thousands, if not millions, of transactions per day.

SIEM streamlines the process, aggregating the data quickly and tracking the roots of any security issues while prioritising the problems as they arise. The program will gather information from multiple network devices across your company, maintain a thorough log of every transaction from each device, and immediately alert you of any unauthorised access occurring within the network. In essence, SIEM gives you a single pane of glass for every possible security issue on your network, providing automatic action and a thorough analysis of the health of your network security.


How Do We Use SIEM?

At GA Systems, we have implemented an advanced security intelligence solution (SIEM) for our clients. In one particular case, a government department required a security intelligence platform to distinguish and target particularly significant threats within its large volume of network activity. Like many large companies and government departments, they had a substantial number of transactions going on every second, so a focused approach that analysed the data and prioritised the potential threats was crucial. It was also key that the security system complied with relatively tough government regulations.

To tackle this large-scale IT dilemma, they awarded the multi-year contract to GA Systems.

After carefully assessing the needs of the client, GA Systems implemented a SIEM that revolutionised how the government managed its network security. Most significantly, the client’s attack response time reduced from a month to nil, meaning threats and intrusions were addressed immediately. Leveraging the SIEM’s inbuilt efficiency, the incidents are quarantined and prioritised by the most critical events, so that the client could focus their attention and resources appropriately.