In an increasingly connected age, you don’t need to chain your company workforce to the office.

Now that wireless communication is commonplace, and the demand for remote working is on the rise, we’re in a mobile corporate world. From cloud-based programs to portable devices, businesses have shifted away from a traditionally rigid office model–and they need flexible IT systems to match. Fortunately, at GA Systems, we offer specialist unified mobility management solutions that will allow your business to boost mobility and productivity, without ever compromising efficiency.

On an international scale, many businesses have seen impressive results through unified mobility management systems. In the UK, British Rail embraced this new technology in partnership with Siemens to unify a workforce of over 100,000 staff members. How does this work in practice?

Firstly, all British Rail devices are connected through one efficient software program. This centralised program allows real-time tracking of employees and performance across the entire rail network. The technology:

  • Reduces costs and wasted energy, as staff and resources can be diverted to where they’re needed most;
  • Ensures staff can be verified and identified promptly;
  • Allows engineers and troubleshooters to respond to issues swiftly to ensure smooth running of the service;
  • Provides critical updates to all relevant personnel at the same time; and
  • Allows for effective communication across the entire rail network.

With the help of unified mobility management, a national, large-scale business with many sprawling parts is connected better than ever before.

Our successes

Here at GA Systems, we’ve seen great success with the IBM MaaS360 unified mobility management platform, also known as MobileFirst.

MobileFirst makes such unified mobility management systems commercially available to businesses of all sizes right here in Australia. We offer enhanced across devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and the IoT (Internet of Things).

What’s so revolutionary about MaaS360 is how easily the technology can be applied across devices. IBM’s program offers your business both the flexibility and adaptability you need to secure and connect every end device associated with your organisation. What’s more, the program is scalable to suit the evolving needs of your business. So far, competitors have failed to match this level of versatility.

One particularly successful example of the utilisation of this system was with Construction Specialties, an international company offering specialty architectural products to a global market. In order to improve its sales figures, Construction Specialities needed to see increased mobility of its workforce, empowering them to get out into the field without losing contact with the company’s central IT network. All emails, calls, texts and data needed to be integrated within the system, and the company management wanted to be able to keep track of the whereabouts and operations of all employees regardless of their location.

MaaS360 was the ideal solution for Construction Specialties. Its anti-malware capabilities protected the company’s network at all times, while an intelligent mobility system offered a scalable, efficient and streamlined approach. The central IT system alerted Construction Specialties to any potential rising costs incurred by roaming devices, and the customer service support ensured that difficulties were addressed immediately.

Unlike many other systems, MaaS360 offers a smooth deployment process which suits the modern business environment where every minute counts. The cloud allowed Construction Specialties’ devices to enrol in the program within as little as five minutes, creating a stress-free transition that quickly led to a more efficient mobile enterprise.