Ransomware Protection From NeuShield Sentinel

The year 2019 brought the long-time scourge of ransomware completely into the public’s eye. Toyota Australia lost no essential data, but saw many of its systems shut down by a ransomware attack. Even worse, Malvern based Cabrini Hospital paid criminal malefactors to lift encryption from over 15,000 patient records. Halfway around the world, the City of Atlanta in Georgia, USA lost a total of US$17 million in a widespread ransomware attack that shut down garbage collection, among other services.

The most advanced law enforcement agencies in the world, such as the AFP, MI-5, and the FBI struggle to capture these criminals and stop their attacks. Meanwhile, NeuShield Sentinel has worked to provide the most sophisticated protection available, potentially saving you time, frustration, and money.

GA Services is proud to offer our clients one of the world’s most effective and thorough defences of systems and data available today. NeuShield Sentinel offers an innovative and fully advanced system that keeps your systems secure from the world’s most relentless cybercriminals.

What is Ransomware?

Ransomware serves as a new twist on a very old criminal enterprise. Specially designed malware files “kidnap” vital records or functions on computer systems by locking them down and preventing access to information and/or basic functions. They promise release on condition of payment.

As recent history indicates, ransomware also is highly effective for the criminal. The most advanced computer experts in Australia and the United States could not disengage the ransomware from the systems owned by Toyota, Cabrini Hospital, or Atlanta’s city government.

For those worried about the cost of employing a full data protection system, don’t forget one fact. Those hit by sophisticated malware almost always have to pay to preserve their data and systems. Also, criminals being criminals, you may have to pay more than one to get it released, if they ever do. Ransomware can also take a variety of forms, each of which is designed to find the easiest trap door to infect and control your systems

For now, the best protection against ransomware lies in robust defensive measures such as those provided by NeuShield Sentinel.

How NeuShield Sentinel Ends Ransomware’s War on Us

The data protection engineering team at NeuShield continually works on researching cyberattacks worldwide to ensure that their processes and protocols stay ahead of cybercriminals, terrorists, and others seeking control of your systems and data.

NeuShield Data Sentinel goes farther than most when it comes to protecting your interest. Incorporated along with layers of defence against attack, the system also includes multiple ways to recover your data. The exclusive Mirror Shielding technology allows for instantaneous recovery of essential data.

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the United States Department of Commerce’s Privacy Shield Program assign more responsibility and accountability to those who collect and store data. With higher expectations of data-driven companies than ever, you need the NeuShield Sentinel’s protective capabilities.

As the private sector and governments have made malware a priority, criminals who use it have engineered more sophisticated ransomware for more specific attacks. NeuShield’s protection services and technology will adapt and evolve over time to stay ahead of those targeting vulnerable systems worldwide.

Multiple Points of Protection for Clients

Managed Services Providers and IT staff both recognise the value in implementing NeuShield Sentinel’s effective levels of protection. NeuShield Sentinel’s data protection program provides a number of ways to ensure that your systems and data remain secure.

Mirror Shielding

Mirror Shielding protects your data by creating an identical and mirror image of your system, enabling instant recovery if files are damaged or encrypted.

Data Engrams

Data Engrams works with Mirror Shielding to create copies of modified data, protecting it from malware attacks or wipers.

One-click Restore

One-click Restore instantly returns your system functions and removes malware

Disk Protection

Disk Protection blocks malicious programs from gaining access to disks containing valuable data

Cloud Drive Protection

Cloud Drive Protection supports most popular platforms in preventing destruction or encryption of data, even when not connected to the internet.

Boot Protection

Boot Protection prevents advanced forms of malware from writing destructive code onto your boot drive

Zero Performance Impact

Zero Performance Impact installs a small device using minimal space to make vital decisions about files and information contained therein

File Lockdown

File Lockdown creates a virtual bunker protecting data from a full-scale malware attack

This combination of services provides complete protection for you and your data. They ensure that your system protection complies with industry standards for data security and malware protection.

Layers of Difference From the Competition

Almost every software and data protection company uses layers of defence to protect systems. Only NeuShield Sentinel incorporates this concept into creating barriers between data and applications. When malware takes control of applications to encrypt or corrupt data, they find a firm wall of protection between it and the object of value.

Furthermore, the NeuShield Sentinel program protects your systems from both malware attacks through the internet and human error. All too many times, opening the wrong email and downloading a corrupted file by mistake opens the door for the parasite to come in and take over.

NeuShield Sentinel also works easily and instantaneously. From a cloud-based server, a single click can activate the measures needed to restore your system and bring back access to data.

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