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Fully Managed 24 x 7 Cyber Security
Strengthen your information security defence & lower costs

Today’s fast moving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive managed security services. GA Systems Managed Security Services offers the industry-leading tools, technology and expertise to help secure your information assets around the clock, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources. GA Systems Security Operations is the window into your entire security world & is included in every managed security service.

Invest in Cognitive Cyber Security for Your Australian Business

Strengthen your security posture with a proactive response

The volume of threat data is exceeding the capacity of even the most skilled security professional, companies are drowning in the flood of information that continues to grow as rapidly as the threat landscape itself. When companies see over 200,000 security events every day and don’t have the skills to stay ahead.


GA Systems SOC provides 24 x 7 services with platforms built on Gartner’s Magic Quadrant Leading technologies.  With advanced threat hunting we enable our customers to quickly and accurately respond to threats across networks, endpoints, users and cloud. Our ability to tap into and make sense of structured and unstructured security knowledge augments your security analyst’s ability to fill gaps in intelligence, speed and accuracy.

Integrated Security Specialists

GA Systems is your comprehensive partner for your organisation’s cloud, hybrid and managed security services, you are accessing the full depth and breadth of GA Systems expertise. GA Systems hybrid and managed security services, gives your organisation the strength of best practice transformation, integration and coordination of security services across your enterprise. Using GA Systems Security Operations Centre Portal, a single pane of glass giving visibility across your organisation’s security immune system, you will have:

  • Real-time communication with security analysts
  • Tools to help you demonstrate compliance to internal and external parties
  • Historical trending to prioritise events
  • Automated, customised reporting to key stakeholders with your organisation

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