Managed Security Services

What is an MSSP?

MSSP stands for Managed Security Service Provider, which is a company that manages your network systems and end-user products from elsewhere. Although an MSSP manages your security from a remote location, those overseeing your day-to-day operations will take a proactive approach. If you’re running a business and you find that you can’t provide an in-house IT solution that’s robust enough to maintain the security of your network, an MSSP such as the teams here at GA Systems may be what you’re looking for.

Why Use a Security Provider?

As a business owner, there’s a strong chance you’re already using security systems to protect your business. Even at the most expensive end of the scale, high-functioning systems that many would find difficult to hack aren’t totally impenetrable. There’s a simple reason for this: they’re lacking human input.

In many areas of IT, human input is seen as a source of error. However, this is only applicable when it comes to data and similar fields. Security is one area where not maintaining a human presence presents major flaws. Although your current high-tech system is intricate, it’s still vulnerable to the skills of those who want to gain access to your network for nefarious purposes. From competitors to those who want to steal client data, each one poses a serious risk.

While computer-based systems alone can’t protect you against skilled hackers, those who possess the same skills but use them for good can. Growing companies of all sizes throughout Australia now use MSSPs to provide an extra layer of security. An MSSP uses remote monitoring to highlight the threats that your existing security control points may not spot. When a security professional uses advanced threat detection techniques, they can protect your IT infrastructure, critical data, and end users by rapidly mitigating the ever-changing threat landscape.

GA Systems Managed Security Services

How Do Managed Security Services Work?

At GA Systems, our comprehensive experience tells us that no two businesses are the same, even when they exist within the same industry. Therefore, we can provide you with different tiers of managed security services:

Strategic Approaches to Network Security

Security threats are now so advanced that most businesses are deflecting security threats on an ongoing basis. However, there is such things as overanalysing and over-responding to potential breaches. One was to strike the right balance to acquire data and use it alongside your business model. For example, we can track how users are behaving and use your baseline data range to highlight threats.

Remaining Compliant with Data Protection

The loss of data isn’t just bad news for you, your employees, and your clients. If you’re found to use a lacklustre security system, you could face significant fines, too. Our approach to data protection ensures you remain compliant. In addition to avoiding the aforementioned fines, this also inspires confidence amongst those who trust you with their information.

The Benefits of Using a Managed Security Service Provider

Excellent security is just like healthcare: prevention is better than cure. The team at GA systems uses their skills and experience to stay ahead of threats, so you don’t find yourself in the position of responding to them. From cyber criminals through to hacktivists, we’re savvy enough to see them coming and protect your company against their efforts.

The other benefits of using an Managed Security Service Provider include:

Reduce the Costs of Cyber Security Protection

A Managed Security Service Provider is a robust alternative to housing your own IT team. At GA Systems, we recognise that businesses of all sizes need to dedicate their resources elsewhere in order to thrive. This often means sacrificing having a designated security professional, but it doesn’t need to mean abandoning human input altogether.

With our experience, you ensure that only validated incidents receive a response. This saves precious working hours for your personnel to focus on other areas of your day-to-day operations. As we use standardised procedures, we lower costs through our uniform approach. Rest assured that we maintain the high levels of quality we expect for our own business. Keeping your cyber security protection costs low needn’t lead to poor results.

Your Business Becomes More Productive

If you hire and use IT professionals for other purposes, trying to split them between areas such as

infrastructure, cloud, applications, network, and security can make them less productive. If they’re able to focus on key areas only, they’ll do an excellent job there rather than feeling overstretched.

Similarly, depending on ad-hoc control points alone can mean that your management team spend too much time analysing threats that aren’t significant. At GA Systems, we have the skills you need to highlight true threats. Our approach means you’ll only pour business hours into those that truly need your focus, not the ones that don’t mean anything.

Mitigating and Removing Risks in an Efficient Manner

Sometimes it’s appropriate to mitigate a risk, while at other times you need to remove them altogether. Like other areas of risk management, IT can suffer when you’re overzealous. Our approach involves pitching risks against your business model and the potential financial repercussions of a breach. We’ll also look at the impact of high probability events, which will influence your decision over how to manage them.

By maintaining a highly efficient MSSP environment, we save more money for your business. GA Systems is focused on operational continuity & reduced business risk.

Remaining Compliant Becomes Simpler

Does the thought of trying to make sure your company remains compliant with evolving security legislation give you a headache? That’s hardly surprising, as it’s a complex area of law.

As our procedures are standardised, you will remain compliant without jumping through complex hoops. This can mean less stress on a local and national level, especially when you’re working in areas where data loss has a significant impact.

An Overview of Our Managed Security Services

Security Intelligence Solutions

With our around-the-clock security management, we incorporate Advanced Threat Intelligence coupled with Artificial Intelligence (AI) to rapidly identify threats and their root cause. We design our services to work around your business model rather than against it. By analysing the billions of threats that hit your business each day, we maintain robust levels of security.

Cognitive Security

Our approach to cognitive security involves using a piece of software called Watson. Just like the character from Sherlock Holmes, Watson is smart at analysing potential risks. Alongside our security team, we use IBM Watson to identify and understand threats, so we can provide better protection against them.

Data Protection

Data protection is a minefield that’s always changing, which is why you need to stay ahead of the game. At GA systems, we’ll analyse your data risk, shield sensitive data from those inside and outside of your company, and adapt as changes flood in. With our approach, you’ll always remain compliant with data protection laws.

agile-SI, Holistic integration of SAP® security information

Bring flexible SAP® monitoring to SIEM with agileSI™, the first IT security solution used in real-time that continuously monitors complex SAP landscapes. When it comes to performing audits, SAP to SIEM ASAP! Is infinitely useful for auditing teams.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Our intrusion prevention systems use Cisco Security IDPS to prevent attacks at your branch’s router. By inspecting breaches at your branch rather than just a head office location, you can drop offending traffic at the source.

Identity, Mobility, and Endpoint Services

Identity management is an essential part of data protection. By making sure that those with the right credentials in your organisation access the information that’s pertinent to them, you prevent breaches at a branch level. However, when these systems become complex, they can get in the way of your business’s operations. Our identity, mobility and endpoint services simplify the matter. As a result, those who need to access data that’s relevant to them can do so, with minimal hassle.

Enterprise Firewalls

Controlling network traffic is central to preventing privacy and user violations. To achieve this, the team here at GA systems can upgrade certain elements of your IT system so that they’re sophisticated, while remaining an affordable part of your budget. With the right web application firewall, you’ll enjoy ongoing protection that identifies threats. At the same time, your overheads will remain small, providing you with peace of mind in terms of finances and security.

Using GA systems, you can amplify your approach to network security protection. With years of experience behind us, we’re adept at working with different business niches to provide bespoke products. After consulting with a member of our team, you can work toward an MSSP that complements your business, while preventing your current IT resources from working against it.

DLP — Data Loss Prevention

With our approach to data loss prevention, you can ensure employees don’t accidentally share information outside your network or with the wrong departments. The robust systems we put in place prevent unauthorised end users from accessing critical information.

Vulnerability Management with Rapid7

The cornerstone of any vulnerability management system should include live analytics you can rely on. Using Rapid7, GA Systems provides live insights into the security risks your system is facing.

Rapid7 collects security data from throughout your IT system, giving you and your risk management team the chance to prioritise different types of security throughout your network. To ensure there’s no lag between the information you receive and the risks you’re facing right now, Rapid7 produces its results quickly. As a result, you don’t need to worry about inappropriate or slow responses to threats against your network.

Rather than acting as a standalone system, Rapid7 exists to enhance the efforts of the software you’re already using. Its approach essentially multiplies the effects of your existing security systems, making your vulnerability management efforts extra effective. After gathering data and assessing the analytics, your security team can begin prioritising which areas of your network they need to protect.

To ensure your vulnerability management remains agile, GA Systems uses one of Rapid7’s sharpest features: SecOps. SecOps automates your remediation efforts by streamlining the interactions between IT, development, and security. Additionally, there’s automated-assisted patching, which gives you more time to frame your response to threats.

Cloud Access Security Broker with Netskope

Cloud storage comes with plenty of advantages, especially when your organisation has multiple branches. At the same time, those advantages come with risks. Although cloud storage systems continuously strengthen their security features, it often feels as though virtual intruders are one step ahead of the game.

By working with Netskope, GA Systems is able to provide a cloud access security broker that enforces your security policies. Netskope’s Cloud Confidence Index continuously assesses thousands of different cloud storage systems. Using the data it gathers, it’s able to predict where risks will arise and can respond to them quickly as a result.

We choose to use Netskope as the solution provided will protect your cloud storage system without slowing it down. Although securing your network is essential, making sure your business runs fluidly is equally important. As such, we strike the right balance between keeping end-user data safe and allowing the right people to access it.

In addition to protecting your existing cloud storage, Netskope’s approach also identifies any unauthorised cloud storage activity. Because of this, you can rest assured that employees aren’t willingly or unwillingly storing important information in a system you don’t approve of. With Netskope’s approach, you can also remain confident that important information isn’t being downloaded to an unauthorised device.